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Flat Seam Roofing System

Flat joint roof systems are generally used for flat or low-pitched roofs, or for very steep slopes. They are also used for curved surfaces such as domes and barrel vaults. Flat joint roof consists of 18 "x 24", 20 oz. Rectangular sheet of cold rolled copper.

Flat joint roof systems are common on low slope flat roofs. In some cases, they are also the best choice for domes, barrel vaults, and other curved roofs.

The flat seam roofing system is made of metal sheets that are folded over one another at the seams and sealed with a proprietary technique. This curls the panels together, keeping them airtight and, due to the unique installation, they can withstand strong winds as well.

Our insulated flat seam roofing systems contribute towards the environmental compatibility of the constructed property. Flat seam roofing systems are not only installed for private properties, but are also installed at commercial developments.

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