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Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal roof installations bring about great benefits, including longevity and durability. Are you aware that dirty metal roof can lead to premature failure of the roofing system, or even the need for early replacement?

Cleaning your metal roof is the solution. It has more benefits to offer, if done properly.

Why Metal Roofs need to be Cleaned?

Extends the life of the metal roofing material.

Like any outdoor item, regular cleaning will extend the life of it. Periodic cleaning of metal roofs helps maintain the integrity of the panels and helps remove any particles on the surface that could degrade the paint system or even the substrate. Our metal roof coatings are durable and engineered to last, but will still benefit from periodic cleaning to keep up the strength of the resin and coating.


Get rid of elements stuck onto the surface.

Common elements like airborne dirt, leaves, twigs, pollen, rust stains, acid rain can be stuck onto the roof surface. Leaves and twigs trapped within the installed roofing system can prevent the uninterrupted flow of rainwater. In worst cases, the trapped water may find its way to the roofing substrates, and into the building interior.

Pollutants in rainwater can cause premature degradation of the metal roof’s coating system. If left to its own device, chalking in the form of white residue over painted or coated metal surface, can appear over time. Keep in mind, most metal roofing surface coating warranties do not cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, which is why it is important to clean your metal roof regularly.


Upkeeping of the aesthetics of the metal roof.

Nobody wants to be seen living in a house with dirty or unsightly roof. Periodic cleaning once a year will keep dirt and other elements from making your roof look dirty, mouldy or discoloured.

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