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Robert Egner

Robert Karl Egner, the Founder and Owner of EGNER BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD have over 23 years’ experience in the layout, fabrication and Installation of Architectural Sheet Metal Products especially in tropical climate and tropical rain conditions in South East Asia. 

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Our company has completed a wide range of unique and challenging roof installations ranging from large and small commercial and custom high-end residential projects.

Today, our company leads the sheet metal trade individual detailing of roof design, fabrication and installation of high-end Architectural Sheet Metal Products. Our Company is today well known among the leading Architects for excellent craftsmanship, detailing, consulting service and after sales service.

EGNER BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD uses latest cutting and forming equipment to provided consistent quality, competitive pricing, and on time delivery and installation of modern sheet metal roof and wall cladding panels in 25mm high standing seam, flat seam, diamond shingles and modern designed weathering roof flashings.

You can choose from our extensive selection of sheet metal products or send us your intent or ideas and we will develop working drawings and provide you with the highest quality product available. We can provide budget pricing based on your sketches.

EBT Management

Our team have extensive experience with most metals that are used for architectural application.


Our products are available in Millennium Tiles Colored Stainless steel, Copper, Tin Coated Copper, Pre-Patina Copper, Kynar 500 Aluminum and Mill Finish Aluminum, and Stainless-Steel grade 316, 304 various surface finishes and Tin-Coated Stainless Steel, Titanium Zinc and Titanium.

Our management’s background is in commercial and upscale residential construction an essential element for quality workmanship. We understand the construction process from submittal to close out and realize how much the success of your project may depend on our performance.

The Company and its Management upholds the MISSION, Integrity, Quality and Innovation to deliver a high standard works to our clients.


To create an indelible impact in the Built Environment with quality sheet metal products and solutions.


Bring inspiration, create the WOW factor within the local and regional Built Environment Sector


The team assures that best effort is given and the projects are left with the highest quality that will exceed the client's expectation.


Innovative change must be consistent with our principles of Integrity and Quality and must be beneficial to our customers and Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd.


Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd Service appeals to building:

  • Owners

  • Architects & Designers

  • Specifiers

  • Developers & Contractors


Who demand top value for their investment and their customer. Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd Service is attractive to firms that produce quality goods and services themselves. Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd experience in the metal roofing field and at the roofing management level is impressive compared to most in our business.


Successful companies know the effort and commitment necessary to maintain the quality and growth that Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd roofing systems has exhibited.

Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd comes to your project with one priceless asset, EXPERIENCE in Standing Seam metal roofing system. Throughout the organization Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd personnel have more experience than any other firm can offer in our marketplace.

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