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Company Background

EGNER BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD has completed a wide range of unique and challenging roof installations ranging from commercial projects (small- to large-scale) and high-end residential projects.

Since its inception, Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd has been the standard bearer for detailing of roof design and facade design, fabrication and installation of architectural sheet metal products for different market segments. Egner Building Technologies is synonymous within the regional architecture scene for well thought-out roof design, quality fabrication and installation of architectural sheet metal products. We do not rest on our laurels with our 1,400 past success stories. We are counting to ever more success stories with our philosophy of delivering the best possible sheet metal design, fabrication and installations for projects of today and of the future.

EGNER BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD uses the latest sheet metal cutting and forming equipment to achieve consistent quality, on-time completion of sheet metal roofing and wall cladding solutions with the penultimate objective of delivering the highest possible value-to-cost proposition to our clients.

Our signature sheet metal roofing and wall cladding solutions are based on a variety of design and fabrication techniques, which include double standing seam, quadrilateral shingles (diamond, rhomboid, rectangular). finished with weathering flashings.

​Do let us know your design intent for your project. Together, we can work towards designing, fabricating and installation your dream metal roofing, metal wall cladding systems that best meet your budgetary requirements. No project is too small or too big for us to handle.

The relentless passion for excellence, the perpetual quest for customer service are key cornerstones of Egner Building Technologies' leadership ethos. With a penchant for Quality Control, our Management team is constantly motivated to bringing out the best possible outcomes for every project that comes our. Whilst achieving the design intent is the raison d'etre for every self-respecting sheet metal roofing and wall-cladding specialist, we strive to optimise every design detail, leveraging on our collective know-how in building physics.


To create an indelible impact in the Built Environment with quality sheet metal products and solutions.


Bring inspiration, create the WOW factor within the local and regional Built Environment Sector


The team assures that best effort is given and the projects are left with the highest quality that will exceed the client's expectation.


Innovative change must be consistent with our principles of Integrity and Quality and must be beneficial to our customers and Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd.

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